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Liquify persona and pattern layers in Affinity Photo video tutorial, how to use the powerful hidden feature of Affinity Photo  Added a new tutorial on how to use the liquify persona in Affinity Photo with the powerful pattern layers and it works amazingly well to create all kinds of weird and wonderful designs - it should be checked out if you want to create the most amazing Affinity Photo effects. 
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How to fill Photoshop image with colorful squares tutorial

How to create a colorful square block pattern design in Photoshop using a basic gray design as a start point and then brick fill

How to create Wavy color lines for Adobe Photoshop tutorial

A wavy line colorful effect for Photoshop CC 2021 2020 2019 etc using the single pixel row tool in Photoshop, a super useful but tucked away feature. 

Linked layers in Affinity Photo guide series

A playlist of videos on the linked layers theme with a shape > pixel layer and then linked layers in  Affinity Photo. 1000s of unique designs can be created using the linked layers approach based on a single design and they are all live and infintely editable. #AffinityPhoto

Short animations (via Photoshop, After Effects, Flame Painter, Scopework...

Playlist of weird and surreal and odd animations created in Photoshop, Flame Painter, After Effects, Scopeworks and many others. All are short videos, under a minute... perhaps ones for YouTube shorts ... something else to work on perhaps !

Create quick grid custom shape in Photoshop tutorial HOW TO

Photoshop has no grid tool, you can quickly create a grid vector shape design using a combination of rectangle shapes and using combine shapes and unite and subtract and then define the design as a custom shape. In Photoshop CC 2021 2020 2019 etc

Affinity Photo Procedural Texture Filter Tutorials How To - Playlist - all fully explained

A massive selection of video tutorials about the super powerful procedural texture filter in Affinity Photo. Use it to create all kinds of amazing effects in seconds using the equations, channels, custom inputs, presets and more. Can be used with layers, used with channels, used with shapes, used with type and more in Affinity Photo