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photoshop 2020 : warped type pattern creation

Type can be warped in all kinds of ways, in this video tutorial I show you how to warp it when it is combined with a layer and that layer is then turned into a smart object and warped via the Photoshop 2020 edit menu and transform and warp and the design is folded and distorted in all kinds of ways. The artwork is then selected and edit menu and define pattern or it is saved as a pattern preset via the pattern panel. You can then use it via the edit menu and fill command with the random fill script to create all kinds of amazing patterns / textures for use in fills and brush textures etc

Photoshop 2020 : Patterns from Warp transform tutorial

The new warp updates make it super easy in Photoshop 2020 to create all kinds of amazing new pattern tiles which can then be used in tools such as the fill command (random fill script) to create 1000s of unique and abstract pattern tiles. You can use any design as a smart object and then apply the warp transform to that and then use the split warp to distort the design in countless ways and use that tile as a source for a pattern definition in Photoshop. The video uses features only in Photoshop 2020 and upwards (though you can create similar in earlier versions such as 2019 etc as well)

Affinity photo create 3 x 3 grid tutorial (for printing)

There is no grid tool in Affinity Photo but grids exist, they can't be printed though. You can add a workaround by using the grids via the view menu and then using the pen tool to add a curve or two to match the grid lines and these can then be merged with entire document and then printed. The vector grid can also be saved to the assets panel or symbols (merge the curves via the geometry / layer commands). The grid is 3 x 3 because that was a request from a viewer but you can always just create the grid, document width / 3 or height / 3 etc or 10 or 20 etc

Photoshop CC 2020 + : Warp transform and actions tutorial

The warp transform has no repeat feature but you can get around this by using actions. An action can be created with a warp transform in Photoshop CC 2020 (2021 2022 etc) and then applied to multiple layers. You can then also use smart objects along with the warp transform and re-edit the transformation. You can then combine them all into a smart object and then apply a warp or the same warp (via the edit menu or via the actions panel respectively) to the artwork. You can then combine it with effects such as oil paint

Photoshop CC 2020 Warp split transform new feature quick guide

How to use the new split warp features in Photoshop CC 2020 to create all kinds of amazing warped designs of layers, type, shapes etc. Also shows the removal of the warp lines, addition of the grid and more

Photoshop CC 2020 convert smart object to layers new feature tutorial

Convert a smart object to layers in Photoshop CC 2020 (and probably CC 2021 2022 etc) via the layer menu and via the properties panel. This is a new feature to convert a smart object into layers (which in turn could be smart objects and they can also then be broken down) to create a layer structure of all the component parts of a smart object. Sadly, you can select multiple smart objects and one click, convert all the entire smart objects into a single set of component layers (such as shapes, text etc) - would be handy for some situations, I guess. Anyway, you could always access the components but this was spread over multiple PSB files. You can then re-build the smart objects from those paths etc